Contractor Kris Famurat

Famurat Builders is a New York based remodeling company owned and managed by Kris Famurat, a fully licensed and insured contractor with 12 years of experience.

Originally from Poland, Kris’ background in construction began when he moved to Chicago in 1999. His dedication, reliability, and clear understanding of the construction processes quickly gained him supervisor status. When word-of-mouth from friends brought numerous contracts to repair and remodel properties, the seed to start his own company and provide quality, service was planted and Famurat Builders was founded in 2007.

With a broad range of knowledge and skills, Kris has completed a expansive range of projects, from delicate custom carpentry to large renovations. He has been described as creative, meticulous, precise, flexible, disciplined and an experienced hard worker. Over the past four years, Kris has also been recruited for numerous special projects across United States. In 2009, he traveled to Maui and spent several months learning the eco-minded construction approach from a local company. He has also worked on projects in Wisconsin, Florida, and New York. In June 2010, Kris relocated Famurat Builders to New York City to continue his craft in the Northeast. Currently, Kris Famurat holds a contractor's license from the NYC Department of Consumers Affairs and he is fully insured for both liability and workers compensation.